We are a law firm specialised in Copyright, Entertainment Law and Information Technology.

Our working languages are German and English.

Especially in the fields of Software as well as Music we are dealing with international regulations, contracts and disputes.

We are representing Creatives and companies in the Creative Industry. E.g.
software developers, producers, labels and artists (for instance Tangerine Dream, Uriah Heep and Saxon).

For any inquiry, feel free to contact us:

Music and Law

Music Lawyer

We are specialised in music law. Partner Philipp Vitus Scholl (Attorney at Law) is a Bar Certified Coypright and Media Lawyer as well as a former professional musician.

We are representing international artists and entities from the music business for example in the following areas:

  • Copyright and enforcement of rights
  • Collecting Societies like GEMA, PRS, ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, IMRO et cetera
  • Contracts and licensing 
  • Plattform issues (Google, YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp...)
  • Merchandising and "Fake-Merch" issues
  • Bootleg issues

Software Lawyer

We are representing international programmers, developers and companies in the field of software law.
The actual and economic importance of software is omnipresent and it continues to grow. Consequently, extensive and multifaceted legal issues also arise in this context. The following areas are of particular importance:
·      Copyright law
·      Contract law
·      License law
·      Open source software law
·      Trademark law
·      Competition law
·      Law of General Terms and Conditions
In connection with the development of software, computer program or app, the following questions regularly arise:
·      How do I protect my software / my app / my computer program?
·      Can I patent software?
·      Do I need trademark protection for my software / my app?
·      Do I need design protection for graphic elements in my software / my app?
·      What contracts do I need?
·      How am I allowed to use Open-Source-Software?
·      What happens if my software / app has defects?
·      What does product liability mean?
·      How do I enforce my claims - out of court and in court - if someone infringes the rights to my software / my app? (Cease and desist, damages, information - warning, preliminary injunction, lawsuit)
For the user of software, questions arise in particular concerning the authorization of use and its scope (e.g. single-user license or network license), types of use (software licensing, software purchase, SaaS - Software as a Service, associated software and hardware contracts), in connection with the creation of individual software not least questions concerning the reasonable costs of your order, questions concerning the legally secure use of open source software, free software or shareware as well as special questions concerning the purchase of "used" software (Used Soft). In this context we advise on

·      Scope of your license and the right of use
·      Costs for your license or the purchase of the software
·      Drafting and review of contracts for software purchase and software transfer
·      License transfer for "used" software
·      License obligations for free software, especially open source software

We regularly focus on the contract for software in order to put your project into a legally secure framework. In this context, we assist you with consideration of your individual needs in order to take into account the complexity of your specific project, which is not sufficiently guaranteed by sample contracts. 
We advise you on the preparation and review of the following contract types in particular: 
·      Development contract 
·      Transfer agreement 
·      License agreement / end user license agreement 
·      Maintenance contract 
·      Distribution contract 
·      Distributor contract 
·      Training contract 
·      Leasing contract 
·      Purchase contract 
·      Associated hardware and software contract